About Us

I have been riding motorcycles for over 27 years. Starting with dirt bikes as a child, I found my love for two wheels.

I began riding motorcycles on the street over 21 years ago. For 19 years, like many, I thought I knew what I was doing on a motorcycle. I was riding smaller bikes and my main motorcycle was a 400lb cruiser. I went out and bought a 900lb full dresser (bagger) motorcycle and quickly realized I did not know what I was doing.

What happened over all these years of riding, I wondered. Like many I had been getting lucky, making wide turns and little mistakes that, on a 400lb bike was something easily adjusted to...however on a 900lb motorcycle those little errors, I had gotten away with all those years, lead to dropping the bike and feeling unconfident in my riding ability. Simply put, the 900lb motorcycle is unforgiving with the little errors I had been making and the repercussions were exaggerated because of the weight and size of the bike. I began watching Jerry Palladino's, Ride Like A Pro, videos online and everything started to change very quickly. I realized I had only one year of experience repeated over 19 years of riding. Simply put, I was getting lucky and riding via instincts...just like the vast majority of riders out there.

I began applying the techniques taught to Motor Officers across the world and experienced drastic improvements in my riding abilities. I was leaning, turning, swerving, and using my brakes better and more strategically. The outcome has been more confidence in my riding ability and most importantly becoming a safer practitioner of motorcycle riding. Having a family at home, the most important thing in the world is to come back to them safely after an exhilarating day in the saddle of my 900lb motorcycle. Having both dad and mom on the motorcycle nothing is more important then operating it safely to bring us both home.

You can do this too, with just applying the basic Motor Officer techniques.

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Our Mission

To make you a safer motorcycle rider.

To make you more confident in your motorcycle riding abilities.

We do this through demonstrating and instructing the basic motor officer techniques:

1. Head and Eyes

2. Friction Zone

3. Pressure on the rear brake

New Jersey Motorcycle Crash Facts:

Motorcycle crashes involving other vehicles

-More than half occur at intersections.

- More than two-thirds occur when the vehicle's driver does not see the motorcycle.

Motorcycle crashes not involving other vehicles

-More than two-thirds result from excessive speed.

-Inexperienced riders cause many more crashes. 22% of motorcycle fatalities did not have a motorcycle endorsement.

- 40% of single vehicle motorcycle fatalities occur during turns and corners. Slow down before maneuvering the corner.